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Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition 2024 (GMBCC 2024) is a business case competition organized by the Ikatan Keluarga Mahasiswa Manajemen (IKAMMA) of Gadjah Mada University that will compete various teams from various universities both domestic and overseas to provide its best solutions to solve the various problems and business challenges experienced by case partner companies. The purpose of this competition is to improve students' ability to solve problems in business and economics by using various existing tools and to develop awareness towards social conditions that are happening in the entire world. GMBCC can also improve students' ability to develop critical thinking of all problems in business cases in various competitions. The competition is on an international scale and conducted with a hybrid system for a specific sub-session.



Grand Prize for Winners
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Exclusive Company Visit from Case Partner

Bootcamp Session

GMBCC Proof of Participants Certification

Exclusive Mentoring Session for Finalist

Jogja Exclusive Tour

Free Accomodation during Final Round

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70+ Universities



9 Years Running





Pre-Event is a new sub-event organized as part of the GMBCC 2024 event series. The Pre-event consists of two events, namely Global Seminar & Masterclass. The Global Seminar is an international seminar to raise public awareness of business cases and introduce GMBCC. The Masterclass is a pre-event where participants will be trained to understand about solving a business case and provide business case experience through given mini-case competitions.



The competition consists of three rounds, the preliminary round, the semifinal round, and the final round. The Preliminary Round is the first stage where the participants will compile an essay containing the conclusion of the given case. All papers submitted by GMBCC participants will undergo an assessment process of each paper by the judges based on the score matrix and the rules determined by the committee. The semi-final round will be conducted with participants presenting the deck of resolution of the case. After that, the five teams with the highest accumulated scores will qualify for the final round. Teams that qualify for the final round will be given a new case (final case) to be analyzed within one week of processing. The final round consists of a presentation session and an inter-team debate session. The entire GMBCC 2024 series of events will be conducted hybrid using the Zoom Meetings app for online and offline subevents in FEB UGM. 



The Side Events will consist of 4 events, Exclusive Company Bootcamp, Mentoring, Field Trip, and Awarding Night. Exclusive Company Bootcamp aims to introduce participants to case partner companies and enhance their knowledge of business cases. Mentoring is an event held for participants who pass the final stage to train the finalists on how to perform a good presentation and practicing it directly in front of experienced mentors. Field Trip aims to give finalist networking session and introduce the culture of Yogyakarta. The Awarding Night is an event where the finalists will get to know each other and enjoy the hard work they have done until the final round.




The highlight of our university experience! Well done team!

Meticulous Medley from Glasgow University of Scotland

- Winner of GMBCC 2016


GMBCC is one of the most notable BCCs that I have ever attended. From start to finish every direction was clear regarding the case, proposal, and metrics being assessed by the committee.

The Achievers Team from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

- Finalist GMBCC 2022


Without a doubt, this year's GMBCC has been the best competition I've had the privilege to participate in. The level of professionalism demonstrated by the committee was truly remarkable.

Timny Team from Universitas Indonesia

- 3rd Winner GMBCC 2023

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1) Who can participate in Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition?

Participants include everyone studying in an undergraduate program from all around the world, from any university.

2) Is it possible for me to apply individually and then be matched with other participants?

You can apply individually or as a group. If you applied individually, the committee of GMBCC will match you with a random person who applied individually as well.

3) What are the benefits for applying to Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition?

The Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition has benefits that participants will gain, including skills development, real work experience, exposure to various perspectives and global exposure.

4) Will there be any feedback provided?

If any member of a team requests feedback, the committee will send the judges feedback through email.

5) Will there be any online sessions for the final round if a team is unable to come to Yogyakarta?

No, the final round will be held entirely offline, and if any team is unable to attend, they will be considered disqualified.

6) What is the requirement for the number of members in one team, and can team members be from different universities?

Each team should have a minimum of 2 members, a maximum of 3, and yes, they can come from different universities, but we strongly recommend having members from the same university.

7) Will the competition run fully in English?

Yes, participants should use English in each round.

8) Is it mandatory to attend the training workshops arranged by the organiser? Will I be disqualified if I cannot attend all or any of them?

No, it is not compulsory for you to attend the training workshops, and you will not be disqualified for not attending. However, you might miss a lot of useful information, judging criteria and presentation techniques. So it is recommended that all team members be present.

9) For the Exclusive Company Bootcamp, can we only attend the bootcamp session but not the company visit?

No, participants must attend both sessions since the material given in the company visit will correspond to the bootcamp.

10) Are we going to be divided in groups to finish the case?

Yes! You will be paired randomly in groups consisted of 2 - 3 people

11) I didn’t participate in the competition, is it okay to apply for the Exclusive Company Bootcamp?

Yes, it’s okay! Because this is open for public so you can apply regardless of the competition.

12) Can I apply for the bootcamp with my friends and be paired with them?

Unfortunately, no. All participants will be paired randomly.

13) Is there a reward if i do a mini case?

Of course! There is a reward for the group who does the mini case well and correctly.

14) What are some benefits for applying to GMBCC Global Seminar?

The benefits you will gain from attending the GMBCC Global Seminar include international exposure, opportunities to enhance knowledge, cultural understanding, and access to experts in the field of sustainability/digital transformation.

15) Refund/Cancellation Policy?

Refund requests are handled in line with our grievance policy and are awarded on a case-by-case basis depending on the issue.

16) What language will the Global Seminar be conducted in?

GMBCC Global Seminar will be conducted in English.

17) How can I connect with other participants during the Global Seminar?

You will get just that through virtual networking sessions, discussion forums, and other interactive features to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and experts.


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